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Digital Signature Certificates

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Legal Representative of an Entity
  • Qualified Digital Certificate of Representation
  • Indicated for: Identification of a legal representative of an entity/organization and respective powers of representation
  • Permits: Signing of documents containing the powers of representation over a given entity (equivalent to a power of attorney); sign on behalf on an entity/organization; be an attorney and/or legal representative of a non-digital entity; submit proposals on public procurement platforms.


Individual or Quality
  • Professional Qualified Digital Certificate (Individual or Quality)
  • Indicated for: Identification of a person and a company, or individual identification associated with a position/function in a company
  • Allows: Signing documents containing personal and company data: signing documents as manager/administrator of a company; submitting proposals on public contracting platforms with a permanent certificate and powers to bind the company.


Individual / Personal Signature
  • Qualified Individual Digital Certificate
  • Indicated for: Identifying a person, also valid for Individual entrepreneurs or not associated with an entity, and who do not intend to associate any attribute regarding position/function to the certificate.
  • Allows: to sign electronic invoices and other documents with legal value; to submit proposals on public contracting platforms, to sign documents at IMPIC/INCI and to the Court of auditors containing only personal data.

Eletronic Invoice

Eletronic seal for this exclusive purpose
  • Qualified Digital Certificate of Exclusive Electronic Seal for Electronic Invoice
  • Indicated for: a legal person, that is, entities or organizations. Equivalent to the company´s white seal exclusive for electronic invoices.
  • Allows: The management of electronic invoice signatures by third parties, whether accountants or invoicing programs (to validate commercially if it makes sense to do this push here, or to focus the invoice offer in Sign’Stash with the remote seal).

Electronic Seal

The digital "white seal"
  • Qualified Certificate for Digital Electronic Seal
  • Indicated for: a legal person, that is, for entities or organizations. Equivalent to the company´s white seal, being the way to legally represent an entity in the digital world.
  • Allows: a company to sign invoices, documents, certificates, and other electronic declarations with legal value; the email signature on behalf of an entity.