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Privacy Policy, Usage Policy, Public Information Security Management Policy and Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. When accessing our website and our specialized platforms, the provision of your personal data implies knowledge of these conditions, as well as the conditions of the entity that is providing the services to you in the case of using the specialized platforms.

Who is responsible for collecting and processing data?

MULTICERT – Serviços de Certificação Electrónica, S.A., (from now on referred to as Multicert) is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data related to the purposes specified below, and may collect usage data, within the specified scope.

Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Multicert's Data Protection Officer may be contacted through the email or through the following address:

MULTICERT - Serviços de Certificação Electrónica, S.A.,

Rua Carlos Pinto Coelho, n13, 2720-092 Amadora 

You can consult MULTICERT's Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Website Usage Policy

By this document, MULTICERT S.A., owner of the website, authorizes to view and transfer the downloaded content of this website, information, data, names, images, graphics, logos, and icons that are related to MULTICERT S.A. and the products and services on this website for informational purposes only and not commercial.

The information, data, names, images, graphics, logos, icons, and the entire website contents are protected by copyright and trademark laws. Therefore, any copy of any website content must include the copyright notice of MULTICERT S.A.

Public Information Security Management Policy

You can consult MULTICERT's Public Information Security Management Policy by clicking here.


Cookies Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are small files that allow recognizing our sites' user behaviour and help facilitate browsing by storing user preferences to improve your site experience and ensure you are shown relevant content.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies on the Internet is widespread and does not undermine the users' devices.

Multicert uses Cookies to allow recording the user's data and corresponding setting parameters and ensure any private area privacy.

We also collect information on the users preferred pages and other marketing indicators to improve user experience.

Multicert does not use cookies to store information on the user's identification, trace navigation outside our sites or use data stored in Cookies without prior consent if requested.

Third-Party Cookies

Multicert can use third entities such as Google Analytics to obtain data that continuously improve the user's experience in your site.

Websites statistical analysis companies, such as Google Analytics, can use permanent Cookies that allow analyzing and improving the website use. The information generated by cookies on the website is transferred and stored securely.

For additional information on cookies processing by Google Analytics, check the information available in the corresponding Privacy Policy:


and in the Service Terms of Use:


Personal Data

Multicert does not use information transmitted by cookies to identify users. All data collected on the users' browsing behaviour on our website is stored securely.

Cookies are used explicitly for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy policy.

Cookies Control

By browsing this website, the user agrees with cookies on their device according to this Cookies Policy, unless they have disabled them. By disabling Cookies, all, or some parts of our website, may not operate properly.

At any moment, the user can control the way cookies are stored in their device, remove them, or change their browser's settings.

A qualquer momento, o utilizador pode controlar a forma como os Cookies se encontram alojados no seu dispositivo ou, inclusive, removê-los, ao alterar as configurações do seu browser.

For additional information on Cookies, please refer to the information available at