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TLS/SSL Certificates

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Organization Validation SSL

  • SSL Digital Certificate for Organization Validation
  • Indicated for: security, a strong website connection, as well as IP protection. Proving the identity and authenticity of a website, the ownership of the domain, and the confidentiality of the information transacted. Ideal for public-facing websites that represent businesses and organizations, as well as websites that have payments or that request information from users, such as e-commerce. 
  • Allows: extra online confidence as it authenticates the identity and legitimacy of the company that owns the website. 

Extented Validation SSL

  • SSL Digital Certificate, Advanced Validation
  • Indicated for: high-level authentication to increase trust in e-commerce through a rigorous verification process.
  • Allows you to: assert your identity with the expanded “green address bar” guarantee, which is the main visual difference to other SSL´s; put your organization´s name in the address bar reinforcing your website's identity.