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What is the Extended Validation Certificate?

In the past, these types of certificates were known for their green bar, but nowadays it is not always green. Regardless of the color, they appear, they are recognized as the highest security standard on the Internet.


Extended Validated is intended to ensure the identity, trust, and authenticity of a website, the organization that represents it, as well as the domain ownership. It also protects the confidentiality of all information and data transacted.


To secure

trust in e-commerce

To ensure

good reputation of the website and company.

To encrypt

confidential data and information


https prefix

Features a padlock and the prefix https 

SSL Protection

High level of SSL protection

Checking your browser

Strict verification process for browsers

E-commerce compliance

Suitable for e-commerce

Securing Transactions

Guarantees security on transactions and sensitive data 


Website credibility and security

SSL EV for what type of websites? *


Banking Entities

Public Institutions

* Or any website that provides online services and receives payments


SSL EV is indicated whenever

  • I need to certify my site and I want the highest level of authentication possible
  • I want to assure my customers that their transactions and confidential data are protected
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