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What is mTrust?

With the acceleration of technology and telework, simplifying processes became essential for companies

The mTrust platform mainly focuses on digital transformation and the dematerialization of processes. It is an integrated solution, prepared to adapt critical business processes and help organizations respond to the challenges of the digital society.


We ensure safety and agility in the dematerialization of workflows, customer onboarding and digital identification.

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With mTrust

| Take your business to the digital world

| Stop managing paper processes

| Reduce time in document signature flows

| Dematerialize contracts with customers, partners, or employees


Dematerialization of processes with legal value

Customer onboarding processes

Remote customer identification

Submission and digital validation of documents

Automatic data extraction

Management of subscription workflows, communication, and customer relations

Sign digitally all types of documents with customers, suppliers, and employees



Digital transformation of your business, with quick and easy adoption and implementation


By optimising and centralising documents, there is a substantial reduction of time in processes, and you avoid dispersing information. It increases efficiency in more bureaucratic processes


Multiple signature methods, in person or remote channel and simple execution (API or Portal – no integration required)


Communications and transactions over HTTPS protocol. Strong Authentication Systems. Electronic signatures with full legal value eIDAS.


Customized solution.

Multi-identification, multi-canal, multi-signature, multi-services

Evidence based

It allows you to audit and track processes, generate evidence, and take custody of them

Working towards a sustainable future

With mTrust, you reduce the use of paper (zero print and mailings), the time to operate your processes and the need for physical presence when signing your contracts with customers, collaborators and suppliers.

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