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SIBS Cyberwatch

SIBS group cybersecurity unit

SIBS CyberWatch

We are the Cybersecurity unit of SIBS Group

Our team has many years of experience in securing systems, applications and networks for large organizations and critical infrastructures.

We provide 24x7 Managed Detection and Response services to monitor, detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

And we are on a mission to make the world safer.
Welcome to SIBS CyberWatch!

Welcome to SIBS CyberWatch

Welcome to SIBS CyberWatch


Since security is one of the key factors in SIBS´ activity and is also a reference in Security and Anti-Fraud solutions and services, the creation of a Security Operations Center (SOC) and the launch of the new SIBS CyberWatch service was a natural evolution for SIBS.

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