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What is Organization Validation Certificate?

This type of certificate is intended to prove the identity and authenticity of a website, the ownership of the domain, and to protect the confidentiality of the information transacted.

More targeted to companies and other entities that want to provide an extra layer of trust to their website visitors.


To confirm

the identity of an organization on the website 

To protect

the company´s IP addresses

To ensure

the security and confidentiality of its visitors


Robust 256-bit symmetric encryption


Enables safe website indication (padlock) 


Provides business information verified through the certificate 


Available for single domain, multi-domain, or wild-card


Easy installation on any server 

OV SSL Website Seguro

SSL OV is indicated whenever

  • I need a certificate for my company website
  • I want to register my company´s web domain
  • I want to certify domains associated with my website
  • I want to certify sub-domains under my company´s main domain
  • I want to guarantee the authenticity of a web server
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