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For those who must sign digital documents with powers to represent an Entity.

Representation certificate

This type of certificate is intended to identify a legal representative of an entity/organization. It is a qualified certificate, issued to a person who holds representation powers (total or partial) of an entity/organization.

Funcoes Certificado Digital Representacao (1)

It can be used to

  • Sign on behalf of an entity/organization
  • Submit proposals on Public Procurement Platforms, at IMPIC or on Licensing matters
  • Represent an organization with legal and evidential value
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Characteristics of the Qualified Certificate of Representation

This qualified certificate has the identification data of the entity/organization and the identification of the representative, as well as their respective powers of representation.

Caso De Uso Certificado Digital Representacao

It makes sense whenever

  • I need to compete in a public tender, and I have a power of attorney to represent my company.
  • I am a company attorney and need to submit a proposal on a public procurement platform.
  • I want to sign documents for the company where I work, and I have a power of attorney for this purpose.
  • I need to sign a certificate that indicates that I legally represent the company.
  • I need to sign a declaration at INCI/IMPIC with a certificate indicating my powers of representation in the company.
  • I am a prosecutor and I need to sign a declaration at INCI/IMPIC.
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Documentation required to issue this type of certificate

  • Contract of the issuance of the Certificate signed by the certificate holder/representative and legal person (s) of the entity (*)
  • Power of Attorney or Legal Document – a proof of the powers of representation to be included in the certificate (see here which documents are possible)
  • Permanent Certificate or equivalent documents (see here which ones)
  • Cross-copy of identification documents (Identity Card, Citizen Card, Passport) of the holder, the certificate´s representative and the entity´s legal responsible person

(*) Signed with: 

  • Qualified electronic signature by the holder and legal representatives
  • Qualified electronic signature by the holder and qualified electronic Seal by the entity
  • Handwritten signature recognized in person by a lawyer, notary, or solicitor 
  • Handwritten signature according to the identification document made in person at Multicert facilities. 
What do I need to get my Certificate?

For more details, see here the documentation required for issuing your Certificate and clarify your doubts regarding the acquisition and use of Digital Certificates.