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Long term preservation solution

With mLTV you can guarantee the validity of the documents' digital signature, regardless of how old they are.


With this long-term preservation solution, avoid setbacks with old signed documents or expired and revoked certificates.


The LONG-TERM PRESERVATION solution – mLTV – extends your documentation validity guarantee for the long-term (e.g., more than three years) by applying timestamps and integrated status information in the document content.



Validation of qualified eIDAS in standard formats

Integrated systems

Integration by API, CMIS and SOAP

Web access

Website for manual validation

Information extraction

Validation report


Supports proxy (for TSA connection)

Single system

Active-Passive Cluster

Information record

Records certificate and signature validation information at the time the timestamp is applied.

Automatic submission to timestamps

Periodically adds new timestamps and certificate status information to the original signature.

Document preservation

It preserves documents according to the latest standards (PAdES – PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures, PDF and XAdES – XML Advanced Electronic Signatures).

Regular update

It surpasses the expiry/lapse of signature certificates and the obsolescence of cryptographic algorithms.

Legal Compliance

Ensure long-term legal compliance.

Guardasegura Mltv

Preserve your documents as long as you need

Ensure the authenticity of origin and the content integrity of signed documents for up to 10 years.