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Certvote - Your secure eletronic voting platform

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Voting has never been easier!

CertVote is a safe and straightforward electronic voting solution that allows electronic voting to occur exclusively or conjunction with in-person (electronic or paper) and correspondence voting. 


Certvote platform guarantees the anonymity of the voter and the confidentiality of the vote. 



Multicert: Election definition, creation of the elements for the various voting components, creation of bulletins, among others.


Voters: the Voting platform where ballot papers are presented. Ability to consult the ballot papers and Exercise your right to vote.


Electoral Commission: Ability to Access the results, Start a poll, Close a poll, Access the results immediately after the closure of the poll.


Elements of the polling station and election commission: General election management, real-time consultation, and access to results. Also, the ability to Manage voters and View real-time voting statistics.

100% Safe eletronic voting

Different accesses and functionalities that ensure the impossibility of crossing the voter´s information with the vote.

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Fast, safe, and reliable voting process

Secure and automatic vote counting for administrative modernization.

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Reduction of resources, costs, and time

It allows you to prepare, follow and monitor the election process.

Eu Trust Multicert

Elimination of risks and conflicts

Multicert, as a trusted third party, confers security, confidence and trustworthiness to all voting, promoters, voters and competing lists. 

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Reduction in abstention rates

Making available different means to exercise the right to vote, even if geographically dispersed, considerably increases the participation vote rates, as well as the satisfaction in voting. 

Electronic vote. For whom?

Government bodies


Banking institutions

Sport clubs

Professional Orders

General Assemblies

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