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Nacional Identification

PKI for National Identification Cards

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PKI for Nacional Identification

The new generation national identification documents (eID) include a secure chip, with biographical and biometric data, and digital certificates that allow attesting the identity of the individual in online services, and signing electronic documents, in a dematerialized way and with full equivalence to traditional signatures, namely in terms of integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation.

An eID distributed across the population is a fundamental pillar for a strategy of digitizing Public Administration services, dematerializing processes, and bringing companies and citizens closer.

PKI solution for National Identification

Large scale solution, necessary for the issuance of an eID in accordance with the most demanding international standards, namely ETSI (EU), NIST (USA), ICP-Brasil (Brazil).

Besides the Certification Authority system, other systems can be installed such as OCSP, Timestamping Authority, LDAP certificate publishing directory and Key Management System. For the eID to be considered a travel document, it must comply with ICAO 9303 and BSI TR-03110 standards, and the infrastructure must be complemented with a data formatter in LDS and Document Signer structure, as well as CVCA and DVCA to ensure EAC level authentication.


For integration with third-party systems such as National Registration Databases and Card Physical Personalization Systems, Multicert also provides a lifecycle management solution, allowing the orchestration of subsystems through the development and flexible configuration of processing workflows

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