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Corporate Identification

PKI for Corporate Identification

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PKI for Corporate Identification

For organizations with strong authentication needs and a process dematerialization strategy, opting for a dedicated PKI offers many advantages.


  • Greater control and autonomy over the processes of issuing, renewing, and revoking certificates
  • Integration with the organization´s internal systems such as Human Resources Databases, Active Directory, ERP, etc
  • Management of a single certification chain, simplifying online authentication and digital signature validation processes
  • Control on the total costs of the operation

Among the typical cases of dedicated PKIs, we include the issuance of certificates for: 

  • Employees or members of the organization, in smartcard with corporate image, to log on to the PC, authentication in intranets and VPNs, and internal workflows for digital signatures
  • Suppliers and Customers, for authentication in extranets
  • Integrated logistics systems
  • Authentication of equipment fleet in centralized services (ATMs, smart meters, network access points, etc.)
Indentificação Corporativa Pki Multicert

The Solution

With professional management and operation, PKI can be installed and housed in Multicert´s facilities, benefiting from high security and business continuity conditions. Alternatively, PKI can be installed and hosted in-house, an entire operation by the Customer or shared with Multicert.

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