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PSD2 Online Banking

Ensure the security of information and financial transactions.

Online Banking Certificates

All companies, that present themselves as a third-party payment service provider (TTP) to comply with the new PSD2 Payment Services Directive, must use digital qualified certificates that meet the requirements of this directive to safeguard the security of information and financial transactions.


Multicert, as Qualified Trust Service Provider accredited by eIDAS, is already providing PSD2 certificates to banks, credit institutions and payment service providers according to the specifications below. 


According to PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards it is required to use Qualified Electronic Seal Certificate (QSEALC) and Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) in compliance with ETSI TS 119495 standard ETSI TS 119 495.

Specifications of this type of certificate

- Secure communication between the parties involved with transactions over secure channels, ensuring data authenticity and integrity

- Sign messages in accordance with the EBA (European Banking Authority) Regulatory Technical Standards (RST)

- Medidas de segurança específicas seguindo as normas técnicas regulamentares do PSD2 para instituições financeiras e fornecedores de serviços de pagamento

- Comply with API specifications of financial communities operating on PSD2

PSD2 certificate Packs

Qualified Website Authentication Certificate PSD2 [QWAC PSD2]


  • Server/Client mutual Authentication
  • From/To Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality

Qualified Electronic Seal Certificate PSD2 [QSealC PSD2]


  • Message Signature
  • From/To Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • No-repudiation

It also includes test and production certificates that can be available within 3 business days. Available for all European countries. Once issued, they are valid for 2 years.


Inherent benefits of PSD2 certificates to services between payment providers and financial institutions


  • Transactions take place on secure channels
  • Guarantee of authenticity and data integrity
  • Face the risk of fraud and malicious activities
  • Greater openness and competitiveness in the banking sector
  • Increased security in online payments
Certificado Psd2 Eidas

Are PSD2 certificates indicated for what I need?

  • The Bank, credit or payment institution, an AIP or other payment service provider need these certificates to comply with the requirements of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) and to be according to the new policy.
  • Payment Service Provider that is licensed and needs valid eIDAS certificates to connect to the PSD2 ecosystem.