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Start protecting software development with a digital signature today. Increase user confidence!

People are increasingly demanding and alert, as they know that the Internet brings with it many dangers, particularly in what regards downloading software.

With Code Signing certificates – code signing – you can add digital signatures to your executables, allowing the developed software to include information about you, your company, and the integrity of the code. That way users can be sure that the code really comes from a certain source and has not been altered or corrupted.


Recalling the “past” when customers who bought software were guaranteed an "inviolable seal". It meant that if the packaging was intact, they felt confident buying a certain type of software.


In the download era, Code Signing certificate has replaced this “stamp” – in addition to allowing you to verify the publisher's identity, it also confirms that the software, code, or other executables come as intended and have not been adulterated.


Protect and sign the developed code

Ensuring the trust of the author (content source) and of the executable (content integrity)

Allow user to check the executable, to validate that it has not been altered or put at risk by third parties 

Using Benefits

- Protection of intellectual property through the possibility for the customer to verify that the code is authentic and has not been adulterated, ensuring extra protection against fraud, malware and theft.

- Prevention of security warnings during download, code signing identifies that the software comes from a specific source, and this causes the alerts to be removed.

- Alerts if the application / software code is adulterated or modified after the digital signature, since the signature will appear invalid and unreliable.

- A way of the software companies to mark their “brand” and protect their software from unwanted appropriation or changes.

- Compliance with security requirements for software distribution.

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Is Code Signing indicated for me?

  • I am a a software development company and I intend to digitally sign code, applications, drivers, executables, or software programs to guarantee their safety and integrity to my clients.
  • I intend to load software developed by my company on the distribution platforms and it requires a reliable code signature to be distributed.

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