Our solutions address the needs of our clients who, within a Digital Economy, seek dematerialization, safety and innovation. We commit ourselves to continually and pro-actively provide innovative solutions that are aligned with the requirements of our clients and, in addition, adding value to our existing services and products to make benchmarks for the market.

Banking & Financial Sector

We help all entities of the financial sector provide security to their clients. Our solutions ensure confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation of the information in communication and electronic transactions.

Energy & Utilities

We help the entities of this sector simplify the take-up process of services among their clients. Our solutions as Trusted Third Party ensure probative value in electronic communications.

Transport & Logistics

Multicert helps the transport and logistics sector to communicate more quickly and securely with its clients and suppliers. With our electronic signature solutions, we ensure greater efficiency and security in communication between the parties.


We help the insurance sector to innovate in the way it relates to its clients. Our solutions allow to dematerialise and streamline the process of signing documents and communication, ensuring security and legal value.

Lawyers Society

We help law firms to provide security to their clients. We contribute to the security of the information and information systems, always protecting the interests and privacy of the clients.


Multicert works with companies in the Health sector in developing solutions that create value for their patients, simplifying communication and approval processes, reducing operational costs, and critically, ensuring confidentiality of information.

Retail & Consumer

We help entities of this sector communicate efficiently and securely with their suppliers and customers. Our signature and electronic security solutions enable accelerating the speed of business, contributing to a closer commercial relationship.

Associations and Professional Bodies

This sector is characterized by constant voting needs. Multicert contributes to the security and simplification of the voting process, reducing abstention and contributing to an image of innovation and modernity among voters.


We help entities of this sector facilitate and accelerate the take-up process of services among their clients. Our solutions as Trusted Third Party ensure probative value in electronic communications.

Governmental Entities

With extensive experience in this sector, Multicert helps create / deliver innovative and secure services which ensure communication that is more agile and closer to the citizens.

Software Houses

We contribute for this sector to have an added value among its clients. Our security and electronic certification solutions increase the level of security of the products supplied by software houses.


We help this sector to be faster in communication processes and to promote services that enable a closer relationship with students, dematerialising processes with all security and reliability.