Signing documents has never been easier

Sign your documents remotely in the simplest, safest and most economical way.

Say goodbye to the bureaucracy you are forced to sign and sign your contracts, sales, subscriptions for services and products anywhere. You do not need to acquire any kind of hardware like tokens or smartcards, in addition to ensuring the best security and cost control.


What it is?

Features about Remote Certificate

- Exempt the face-to-face act to sign your documents;

- No hardware required;

- Dematerialization of the unnecessary use of paper, reducing costs;

- PDF and Word documents signature;

- Maximum confidence with total legal and probative value, in accordance with international standards ETSI and eIDAS;

- It has a positive impact on all business sectors.

High Level Security

Signature with total legal and probative value


Your certificate can be used whenever you intend to authenticate or digitally sign transactions and documents with legal probative value.


Compatibility with standard CEN_TS_418241 adopted by GNS for auditing remote signature systems.

Compatibility with international standard Cloud Signature Consortium.

Support & Installation

Full software free use for client systems that integrate with Multicert or by installing the  Remote Certificate Manager application on Windows 7 Desktop (or higher)

Do not have a digital certificate remote?

Get your remote certificate now!

To sign your documents with legal and probative value, you first need a remote qualified certificate, with which you can sign your documents, through the Remote Certificate Manager application, without additional tokens or smartcards.

Learn more about our solutions and get your certificate now.

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Qualified Certificates

Multicert was the first Portuguese Certification Entity accredited by the National Security Office for the issuance of Qualified Digital Certificates.

We issue qualified certificates for Remote Digital Signature.


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Qualified Certificates