mTrust Platform


Digital Identification, Electronic Contracting, Digital Signatures with Third Party Trust Temporal Integrity and Data Preservation.


Serviços mtrust
Safe and sustainable platform
All contracts are 100% secure and fully digital through a multi-option platform, supporting the exchange of documents and notifications on web channels.
Total guarantee of probative value
Integrates digital document management with full legal compliance. All information exchanged passes through the Third Party of Trust, which generates proofs with probative value that this information (including signatures) passes by itself and stores it securely at the end of the process.
Mobility and simplicity
Anywhere and on all mobile devices, the mTrust platform simplifies your business.


  • Allows multiple signature types:

    • Through Biometric Trace;
    • Through Digital Certificate issued by recognized entity (Multicert, Citizen Card ...);
    • By sending signer code (OTP - one time password) to the signer's mobile device.


    In one process several signatories can sign in different ways.

  • All services associated with electronic formalization of documents are multi-devices since they can be used on the computer, mobile phone or tablet.

    They may be available at points of sale, web and  call center.

  • Support of various methods of authentication and identification – electronic identification documents, PIN delivered by SMS or voice, by signature with biometric trace on tablet and by Video ID.

  • Provision of services related to contracting, identification and electronic communication.

    Through these services it is possible to dematerialize all processes within a company, with its employees (internally) and its suppliers and customers (externally).


    The platform has two strands: with and without third party trust in the signature processes.

    Allows identification, celebration and management of contracts, signature with third part of trust and custody of encrypted keys related to the process.




Reduced logistics and operating costs

Decrease in printing, shipping and storage expenses.

Simple and easy to use

An intuitive and easy to use platform.

Compliance, 100% confidential, with legal evidentiary value and temporary guarantees

A platform that complies with all National and European Regulations regarding the probative value of documentation involved in an electronic process with a view to identification, contracting, communication or notification. It can also include a Third Party Trust service.

Release of operational resources to focus on the business

Focus your efforts on your activity, thus avoiding
deviations of attention, by the management and the teams, in activities that are not their core.

Sustainability and differentiation in relation with customers and suppliers

Reduces and /  or eliminates the use of paper and dematerializes processes that are sometimes time consuming for clients, since it involves several moments of validation and several stakeholders.

End-to-end platform

From identification to electronic contracting. All phases are independent but can be combined and interconnected in an intuitive and secure process.

Summing up...

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From onboarding to the management of your contracts and the relationship with your customers.

An integrated dematerialization solution, totally secure, that fits all phases of your business.

In model "As a Service" or "On Premises".

With service of Third Party of Trust and legal and probative value.

  • Electronic Validation

    Validation of identification documents (citizen's card) and data extraction. Whether the ID is valid or not. We have integrated solutions for validation of the identification and sending / uploading of digital documents.

  • Electronic Identification

    The identification can be made automatically, using a client-side photo (selfie) to compare the person's photograph vs. the document's photograph. The identification can be made by video call, according to the Notice 5/2013 of the Bank of Portugal.

  • Electronic Contracting

    Possibility of the sender sending a document to the receiver, to sign and send back the paper, already signed. This process can be dematerialized in different channels, such as in person (with tablet), remotely or in call center. It also allows for multiple types of signatures on any channel by trusted third party - we function as digital notary. It generates simple or complex signature workflows, because it not only allows for several signature types, but also multiple signatories.

  • Electronic Notification

    Service equivalent to postal mail with acknowledgment of receipt. With this service it is possible to guarantee the sender and receiver identity, the date of sending and receiving, the contents of the document. Contrary to the postal shipping receipt notification, mTrust's electronic notification has probative value. Our solution is based on multi-signature, allowing to sign by digital certificate or Citizen's Card, by biometric trace or SMS PIN.

  • Electronic communication

    Service similar to sending postal mail, with the advantage of guaranteeing the identity of the sender and receiver, the date of sending and the contents of the document.

  • Additional Services

    Operational renting | Dematerialization at the point of sale, tablet subscription application (MDM) - renting and operational management of the devices (Tablets) at the point of sale.

    Call Center | Remote dematerialisation (Video call with operator - Multicert or customer).

    Software + Hardware | (on request).

This platform can integrate digital certificatesdigital signatures of documents with all legal compliance, time stamps for temporary guarantee of digital signature and long-term digital preservation to ensure validity during the whole legally required period.


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