Sign'Stash Electronic Invoice Process
Identical to traditional, but all steps are digital

With all security and legal value, the electronic signature with remote (cloud) electronic seal ensures the authenticity of origin and integrity of the electronic invoice content during the various steps of the process - from issuing, sending to receiving and digital archiving of the documents.

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Electronic Invoice

Sign and send any type of document

The platform allows signing PDF documents (PadES), XML blocks (XadES) and CMS format (CadES).

With signature service, custody and digital preservation, theSign’Stash solution gives response to the most recent legal requisites for electronic invoices.


  • Qualified electronic signature of your invoices, recognized by eIDAS.
  •  According with the portuguese electronic invoice regulation.
  •  Only pay the consumed services (SaaS model).
  •  Fast to implement, simple to use.

Subscription service with user-friendly backoffice for all process management

Process Status Management

Email notification for webview of signed documents

How can I sign and send my documents in Sign'Stash?

Two usage options

Software as a Service

The Sign'Stash platform may be used in a perspective of Software as a Service, in which:

  • The infrastructure is managed by Multicert
  • You only have to invoke a web service that provides the document to sign and later makes it available to a set of recipients by email.
  • Time stamps may apply (which are already included in the service subscription)
  • This requires a Remote Electronic Seal Qualified Digital Certificate (in cloud support)
Install the service in your own infrastructure

This Sign'Stash implementation solution is:

  • Same SaaS Features
  • Install the Sign'Stash platform in your own infrastructure and
  • Use it to internally manage the signature and distribution of your documentation.

Sign'Stash Features

Sign'Stash acts as an electronic document processing system in a Software as a Service logic that allows you to integrate and reuse your current billing systems. This system can be used to send electronic invoices, both to individuals and companies, with the ultimate goal of dematerializing these documents, ie the elimination of paper production, circulation and filing, as well as the elimination of communication. by mail.

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  • Simple and fast integration
  • Easy Installation
  • Most Authenticity
  • Integration with major ERPs and accounting solutions

    With mainstream support for quick and easy integration with the main invoicing management systems, it can dematerialize and swiftly automate document delivery to its clients, ensuring the authenticity of the documentation delivered.

  • Flexibility in operation

    Use it as a service available in the Multicert infrastructure.

    Or manage it yourself in your environment with a local installation.

  • Application of timestamps

    Guarantee of authenticity provided by the digital signature applied to the documents.

    Allows to apply timestamps in the documents to guarantee the exact moment in which the signature was produced.