Certificates TLS/SSL OV (Organization Validation)

The TLS/SSL OV certificates of Multicert provide encryption and authentication for your domains.

These certificates have all the expected functionality of a TLS certificate, such as strong encryption and trusted browsers, and can be issued to up to seven web addresses!

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Prices (1 or 2 years) - Option for a Domain / Address

  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years
  • Save 12%

* All the values presented have an addition of VAT at the legal rate in force

Prices (1 or 2 years) - up to four Domains / Addresses in the same Certificate

  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years
  • Save 12%

* All the values presented have an addition of VAT at the legal rate in force


  • 1 Year
  • 2 Anos
  • Save 12%

* All the values presented have an addition of VAT at the legal rate in force

Certificates SSL EV (EXTENDED Validation)

Multicert EV SSL Certificates offer the highest level of SSL authentication and protection.

These certificates require additional manual validation and verification of documentation in order to confirm the official identity and domain exclusivity as well as the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity.

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Extended Validation Certificates

When you access a website and a green bar or pad appears on the domain tab, be sure that it is safe to provide your data to this website.

Barra verde
Extended Validation

How is an EV certificate?

Users can check and recognize when a website is using an EV certificate, when browsers show some visual clues, such as:

  • Address bar green (the bar turns green or the name of the sending entity appears green)
  • The name of the company that owns the website appears in the address
  • The domain name is preceded by https: //
  • A padlock appears on the address bar
  • Information about the entity is displayed in the certificate details 
Get your certificate quickly

We offer two ways to issue your certificate:

  • Normal Issuance - Receipt in three business days
  • Urgent issuance - 24 hour reception

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  • Simple and quick renewal

    Certificates now have simpler renewal processes, simply requiring payment of a renewal fee after the contracted period and before the expiration of the certificate. If the certificate has expired, access your customer area and ask for the renewal, by confirming that the data remains correct.

    We send you advance notifications to let you know that your certificate is about to expire.

  • Client Support - control all your certificates

    Through the client support you no longer need to worry about how to manage and control your certificates. This administration platform, besides being "User friendly", will help you to identify all your certificates and control the status of each one.

    Access to Client Support