Sign your digital documents in the simplest, safest and most sustainable way

Signing documents has never been easier!

This kind of certificates, which are compatible with our Remote Certificate  Manager application, with which you can sign your digital documents.

With these two components (remote certificate + Remote Certificate Manager application), you do not need to use any kind of hardware, such as tokens or smartcards, to authenticate and digitally sign.

This system brings you all the benefits associated with the legal and probative value, as well as the security, of the qualified certificates, bringing the processes of strong authentication and electronic signature to a new level of dematerialization and mobility.

What it is?

Remote Qualified Certificate

Get your remote certificate now!

To sign your documents with legal and probative value, you first need a remote qualified certificate, with which you can sign your documents, through the Remote Certificate Manager application, without additional tokens or smartcards.

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