Collective Person with Representation Purposes

The digital identification of your entity


This certificate is indicated for legal representation of an entity, for all or only for certain purposes, mentioned in the digital certificate.

The qualified certificate for collective person with representation purposes is issued for a person holding total or partial powers of representation of his/her entity.

It can be used whenever you want to legally represent a certain collective person, for example, in public procurement, in IMPIC or licensing issues. In short, every time you want to sign the statements as legal representative of the entity.

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Quality Qualified Certificate

Certificate mentioning Quality


This certificate is indicated to have the quality mentioned in the digital certificate (for example Engineer, Architect).

The qualified digital certificate mentioning the quality may be used whenever you want to authenticate yourself or digitally sign transactions and documents, claiming to have a certain quality in the context of a particular collective person, as Commercial Director or Quality Manager. If that quality gives you permission to legally bind the entity which you represent, as indicated in the Permanent Certificate for example, you may use this certificate to submit proposals on Electronic Public Procurement Platforms.

It may also be used in IMPIC or licensing issues, if you want to sign the statements with a quality other than as legal representative of the entity.

If issued for a Particular, it will include the quality in which the titleholder of the Certificate will sign documents or authenticate to third parties.

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Individual Qualified Certificate

Signature with probative legal value


This certificate is appropriate if you are an individual entrepreneur or you are not linked to an entity and you do not want to have any quality mentioned in the certificate. 

It may be used any time you want to authenticate or digitally sign transactions and documents, with probative legal value. 

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Electronic Seal

Qualified Certificate for your Organization


This certificate works in a analogous manner compared to the stamp currently used in the companies and the white stamp used in public organizations.

The Electronic Seal Qualified Digital Certificate is issued to an organization and, unlike individual certificates, in the quality and effects of representation of a corporate person, are not issued with a holder.