Electronic Seal limited to Electronic Invoice

The electronic seal allows you to sign not only electronic invoices but all types of electronic documents. If you need to limit usage of the electronic seal certificate to electronic invoices only, this is possible. Multicert's electronic seal broad offer has an option to restrict from general use to exclusive use for electronic invoicing.


Electronic Seal limited to Electronic Invoice

Multicert Solutions for Electronic Invoicing


  • If you just need to sign a small number of invoices or documents, you have the option of enrolling to a qualified electronic seal certificate on a physical cryptographic device (USB token or smartcard). Upon reception of the device and installation of the middleware, you will be able to use in in compatible third-party signature software (e.g. Adobe Reader). The authorization PIN will be requested to be typed in for each signature performed. Alternatively, you have the option of a remote signature qualified electronic seal certificate, which you can use on Microsoft systems with Multicert's Remote Certificate Manager application


  • To sign large volumes of invoices and/or bulk signing, you have the option of using the remote signature qualified electronic seal certificate, which allows you to integrate with your invoicing software (ERP). Integration can be done through Multicert Sign’Stash service, for added value and convenience services, or through the API Cloud Signature Consortium
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Multicert Solutions
Software integration with Sign’Stash after purchasing remote certificate
  • Certificate configuration in Sign’Stash
  • Simplified integration API
  • Support for client software integration with Sign’Stash
  • Client software sends documents for signature on Sign’Stash
  • Documents are returned with signatures and time stamps applied, without the need for further development
  • Premium Level:
    - Custody of documents
    - Customizable end customer notification
    - Document preservation (custody and preservation extension up to 10 years)


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API Cloud Signature Consortium
Software integration with API CSC after purchasing remote certificate
  • Client software (e.g. ERP, billing, etc.) must be prepared to integrate with the remote certificate service
  • API and Integration Manual provided as supporting documentation
  • Client software calculates hash of the original document and appends signature to the final document with the result obtained from the Multicert remote signature service
  • Documents are not submitted to Multicert service – only the hashes computed by the client software are sent to the service
  • Individual signature (document-by-document) or bulk option
  • Time stamps as an option, to be added to documents by the client software
API Cloud Signature Consortium acess
Why Multicert

Because Multicert has the offer of qualified electronic seal seal (with an exclusive option for electronic invoice) e a and the complete solution with the Sign’Stash signature as a fast and secure response to the regulatory needs of DL 28/2019.

With the Sign’Stash solution, you can achieve fast, low-cost integration and simple use. Purchase a qualified remote electronic seal certificate to sign your invoices and get a subscription service that can be fully integrated with your software.

The solutions proposed by Multicert comply with the requirements set out in Art.12 of Decree-Law nº28 / 2019 of Portuguese Law, namely:

  • Guarantee the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of the content of the invoices issued
  • The certificate used is issued by a certifying body accredited by GNS, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation
  • The certifying entity issuing the certificate is on the Trusted List of Portugal, valid in all EU member states
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Why Multicert