TLS/SSL Digital Certificates

The digital security of your server


Digital Certificate ensuring the authenticity of your web server, the ownership of a domain or the confidentiality of the transacted information

The TLS/SSL certificates by Multicert are OV (Organization Validation) and provide encryption and authentication for a domain. These certificates have all the expected features of a TLS Certificate, such as strong encryption and reliance on browsers, and may be issued to up to 7 addresses!

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Application Digital Certificate

Certify your applications


The digital certificate for applications may be used for documents signature, VPNs identification or other type of services such as B2B or C2B. It is the type of certificate required to access to CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission).

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Application Digital Certificate -Info
Digital Certificate for Electronic Invoicing

Digital certificates for signing electronic invoices


This type of certificate is intended for companies which have an e-invoicing platform and require a certificate for signing this type of document.

The digital certificate for Electronic Invoicing meets all (Portuguese) legal requirements on digital signing of electronic invoices.

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