An innovative service that allows detection and fast reaction to security incidents.

At a time when data and information are considered the new "oil" and in an environment where threats easily spread and are more and more sophisticated, Portuguese companies and organisations can become easy targets for computer attacks.

With this service, the market can rely on the experience of the Compta Group - experts in the development, integration and optimisation of solutions in IT areas, and of Multicert - through its Security Operations Centre, with a 24x7 service and a client area that provides real-time visibility of the risk indicators associated with the business and of the security level of the organisation.

The highlights of this service include the collection, storage, treatment, monitoring, correlation of logs and security events, alerts and corresponding vulnerabilities assessment, plans and procedures for limitation and protection. Once again, it strengthens Compta and Multicert's strategy by offering to the market a set of innovative solutions and services that work as a catalyst for the activities of our business fabric.