Multicert is part of a team that brings together 40 entities, including Google, Apple and the equivalent of the US Department of Transportation, to set the standards for the future electronic driving license, which may be the first global identification document, recognized worldwide.

According to Jorge Alcobia, managing director of Multicert, the issuance of electronic driving licenses is scheduled for the beginning of 2019 in some countries and Multicert is expected to be responsible for guaranteeing that all safety requirements are fulfilled. It will be an agreement that can bring great international visibility for the Portuguese company.

Less time and costs

In addition to international recognition, Jorge Alcobia points out that the future electronic driving license will have great advantages as being harder to forge, and will allow for a reduction in time and costs of emission processes and dispatching of driving licenses. The costs will be reduced by about 90% compared to the current physical document.

Physical and electronic driving license issuance

In an initial phase both will be issued, the physical and electronic, but in the future it's foreseeable that the physical driving licence will disappear.

Automatic acts

Several acts may be automatic with this document, such as updating the license with the permit to drive another type of vehicle, and if a driver is banned (disqualified for driving) he won't have to hand it over to the authorities, since it will be automatically suspended.