The 10th Edition of this distinctive event brought together 300 guests in 2 days including speakers and specialists from the most diverse business areas. Representing both Industry and Government Entities we had people from more than 20 countries coming to Portugal to discuss digital identity and its impact on digital transformation.

A conference organized by Multicert that focused on addressing the impact that digital identity has on our daily days and the future of businesses and citizens in general. Effectively betting on technological and innovative tools, allows the creation and development of "smart cities", generating significant gains in terms of mobility, simplicity, security and even cost reduction in the public and business sectors.

Particularly, recognition and authentication of identity, through mechanisms of biometrics, guarantee the unicity of the people and consequently the trust in the business relations. It is a sensitive issue, which extends to all areas of business. Increasingly, we have seen a strong investment from organizations not only in adherence to new technologies, but especially in safe working tools. This will be the future. Faced with a highly competitive market, it can no longer be considered a differentiation factor, but an indispensable requirement.

Interviewed by the ECO journal the CEO of Multicert pointed out a positive feedback of this edition, especially the content of the presentations and by the fact that Portuguese companies are more concerned about issues related to cybersecurity.

For years, Multicert has run after customers, trying to explain the importance of cybersecurity in business and operations. However, in the last six months, the game has "turned around" and the Multicert is starting to be called by the organizations, which are beginning to get really worried about this subject.

Jorge Alcobia also points to the technological developments that will facilitate several processes, such as improving the user experience with the development of more intuitive systems, or even biometric authentication using fingerprints or iris recognition.

The conference served as a stage for companies such as Novo Banco that defended the application of digital at the physical counters, or CTT that ensured that the mail business still makes sense, even in an era of digitization. It was also known that Cascais Town Hall will soon test a biometric authentication system.