Follow the instructions in the browser to start using your certificate and digitally sign your documents.

  • Use in Internet Explorer

    How to install the mSign application?

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  • Use in Mozilla Firefox

    How to install the mSign application?

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  • Use in Google Chrome

    How to install the mSign application?

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REMOTE DIGITAL SIGNATURE | Remote Certificates Manager

Learn about the prerequisites and how to install and use the Multicert Remote Sign application.

  • 1. Prerequisites

    To use the mSign Remote application you need a remote digital certificate. If you have not already purchased your Cloud certificate, go to the online store


    Know more about remote digital certificates

  • 2. Installing the mSign Remote application

    Install the Remote Certificate Manager application on your computer:

    a) Compatible browsers: Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

    b) Client systems that integrate with Multicert can be accessed through the browser (except Firefox).

    c) Client systems that do not integrate with Multicert need to install an mSign Remote module on Desktop Windows 7 (or higher) .

    d) For security reasons, the IE11 browser in Windows 7 and 8 for authentication is not supported with the default settings. If it is a business environment and you do not have the possibility to use another browser click here

    Note: After installation, the Remote Certificate Manager runs in the background on your screen.




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  • 3. Using mSign Remote

    Sign your Word and PDF documents simply and securely.

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