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  • How to buy a digital certificate?

    1. Create a .CSR file, following the instructions available here

    2. Complete the web form available at https://www.multicert.com/3ws/ssl

    3. Validate that all the data is correct

    4. If the Applicant Entity is not the Entity recorded in the domain registration server, it is required a statement Authorizing the Use of the Domain. This statement must be made by the Entity registered in the domain server, specifying the domain in question and the Entity to which it is being assigned. This document must be sent to Multicert


    Avenida Sidónio Pais, 379

    Edifício Hoechst A, Piso 3, Direito

    4100-468 Porto


    5. If you do not want to pay via ATM reference, please send the copy of the payment confirmation, to client@multicert.com. You can make a bank transfer to NIB 0035 0125 00001437330 45


    6. If you have not fullfilled the "Código de acesso à Certidão permanente" field in the web form, please send a copy of the Vat Number Card of the company or similar to client@multicert.com 

     7. Afterwards you will be contacted by Multicert to let you know if all the documentation is correct and whether the digital certificate will be issued or if there is something missing which is preventing the issuance of the certificate.

    8. If everything is complete, the Technical Manager responsible for the digital certificates will receive the digital certificate in the email. He/she may import it on the web server or generate a .p12 file, following the instructions available at here (question 7)


    List of documentation to gather available for download here.

  • Renewal of simple SSL/TLS

    If you already have a digital certificate by Multicert and received an email indicating the need to renew it by paying a fee, you shall:

    1. Follow the link provided in the referred email
    2. Pay by ATM: IBAN PT50 0035 0125 00001437330 45
    3. send the payment proof to documentacao@multicert.com , indicating the name of the domain
    4. Wait for an email from Multicert

    If you have had a digital certificate by Multicert for two or more years, you will have to request a new file.
    In this situation, the purchase procedure is the same as for a new issuance (displayed on the side), and you shall mark the renewal option on the web form.

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