MULTICERT School Award

Multicert considers it is vital to foster knowledge in the field of Cryptography, taking into account the current context of the Information Society. In line with this, we promote the conduction of research projects, as we believe that the contribution of students of cryptography can present opportunities for Innovation in security solutions of information systems.

The Multicert School Award is granted annually to the student(s) of the Bachelor in Computer Science (LCC) and Computer Engineering (LEI) and Master's in Informatics (MI), Informatics Engineering (MEI) and Computer Science (MCC) of the University of Minho and University of Beira Interior, who present the best school work in the field of Cryptography and Security of Information Systems. The prize consists of a diploma and the monetary value of one thousand euros in IT equipment.


    UM: Carlos Eduardo Fernandez Afonso 2014/2015

    UBI: Pedro Miguel F.S. Querido 2013/2014

    UM: Óscar Francisco Godinho Pereira 2013/2014

    UBI: Filipe da Silva Oliveira - 2012/2013

    UM: Ricardo Manuel Amaro Pereira - 2012/2013

    UBI: João Pedro Cipriano Silveira - 2011/2012

    UM: Bernardo Luís Portela - 2011/2012

    UM: Pedro Vasconcelos Castro Lopes Faria - 2010/2011

    UM: Ricardo Jorge Gomes Maia de Sousa - 2009/2010

    UM: Tiago Filipe Maia de Campos Martins - 2009/2010

    UM: Ana Sofia da Silva Duarte - 2007/2008

    UM: Nélio Martins Guimarães - 2007/2008

    UM: João Guimarães - 2007/2008

    UM: Sandra Liliana Meira Oliveira - 2006/2007

    UM: João Carlos Azevedo Salgado Guimarães - 2005/2006

    UM: Paulo Ricardo Pereira Ribeiro - 2004/2005

    UM: José Miguel Paiva Proença - 2003/2004

    UM: Ricardo Daniel da Silva Lima - 2002/2003

    UM: José Miguel Pereira Vilaça - 2002/2003

    UM: Edgar Pereira Alves - 2002/2003

    UM: Alberto Manuel Gomes Mendes - 2002/2003

    UM: David Filipe Oliveira Costa - 2001/2002

Internships at Multicert

Hosting students during internship and in summer internships is to Multicert an opportunity to receive new ideas and challenges directly from the University and simultaneously benefit from skilled resources desiring to innovate.

The entrepreneurial spirit, typical of a student at the end of a degree, gives Multicert the opportunity to acquire renewed know-how and offers the trainee the possibility of entering the labour market through a company that recognizes Innovation as a critical success factor.

  • Internships developed at Multicert

    Summer Internship: “Research on High-Availability of PostgreSQL databases” - Ricardo Amendoeira, IST

    Summer Internship: “Mobile Device Fingerprint”- Nuno Mendes, IST

    Summer Internship: “Business Support” - Prial Bharat, ISCTE-IUL

    "Secure Authentication in Public Systems" - Diogo Ferreira, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, UNL

    "MDDE in Smartphones" - Ricardo Sousa, University of Minho

    "EMV-CAP in Smartphones" - Tiago Martins, University of Minho

    "Implementation of Digital Signatures in SDK Structure" - João Oliveira, University of Minho

    "Backup and Monitoring Systems" - Vítor Castro, University of Minho

    "Information Management, Information resources and contents" - Sofia Neto, University of Porto

    "Communication and Image Consulting" - Ana Ferreira, University of Porto

    "CertFactory v2.0 – Certificate Factory" - Carla Coutinho, University of Minho

    "Electronic Postmark: MDDE Plugin" - Gonçalo Hermenegildo, University of Minho

    "Electronic Postmark: MDDE Proxy” - Jorge Mota, University of Minho

    "MDDE - Electronic Postmark" - Nuno Santos, University of Minho

    "Electronic B2B Payments Platform for the Internet - Nuno Ponte, University of Minho

    "Certificate Factory: CertFactory" - Pedro Tarrinho, University of Minho

    "MailCert – Certification Authority" - Nuno Martins, University of Minho