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SMS PIN Forwarding Service

If you have lost the SMS sent to you when issuing its digital certificate on USB token or smartcard containing the PIN and PIN ADMIN, you can request your order using the form below.

This will be done for the telephone contact previously registered with Multicert and will have an associated cost of 10.00€ (TAX already included).

For more information or questions, please send an email to cliente@multicert.com or consult página de ajuda.

Mandatory data for recovery.

Please enter the reference of your certificate, for example MTC00000000000. If your certificate reference is of type MAE0000000000000 please go to this interface.

The identification number to be entered must be the number of the ID you have registered with Multicert at the time of the certificate request. If the number is less than 6 characters, you must enter leading zeros.

The telephone contact must be the mobile number previously registered in MULTICERT

Billing information

If you purchased your Certificate in Multicert website: fill in the fields only if you want to change your billing data.
If not acquired the certificate in the Multicert site and want to billing: Correctly fill in the fields below.
I authorize MULTICERT to use the e-mail below to send the electronic invoice

Terms of Service



The service for the re-issuance of credentials for accessing MULTICERT Qualified Digital Certificates via SMS is intended to facilitate the recovery by the certificate holder of the access data to the secure device associated with the certificate.

This service is available through Internet and assumes acceptance of the following contractual conditions:
  1. This service is only available to MULTICERT clients who originally received the access credentials via SMS.
  2. This service is a paid service. Payment for this service is only possible through the option of payment for services available on the ATM network. Access credentials are only sent after receipt of payment by MULTICERT.
  3. The MULTICERT not reimburse or refund the payment made.
  4. Being a paid service, MULTICERT is legally obliged to proceed to its billing. In order for the billing of the service to be carried out, the client must fill in all the fields indicated. The sending of electronic invoice is optional and requires the indication of an electronic mail address (in which case, no paper invoice will be sent).
  5. The billing of this service will be made by sending an electronic invoice. In order to send the invoice, the client indicates an email address for receiving the invoice and agrees that no invoice will be sent on paper.
  6. Service use is only allowed to the holder of the Qualified Digital Certificate.
  7. The identification number to be entered for access to this service must uniquely identify the holder of the Qualified Digital Certificate (civil identification number, passport, professional ID number, etc.). The document to be used must be the document that appears on the certificate.
  8. The telephone number to enter for receipt of access credentials is required to contact the previously registered by the holder with the MULTICERT.
  9. Full responsibility for the use of this service and the holder of the Qualified Digital Certificate.
  10. MULTICERT always sends the original access credentials, so if the certificate holder has changed the access PIN to the secure device that owns MULTICERT is not responsible for the success of access to it.

When making the referral request access credentials to its certificate, the holder accepts that the present conditions are an addition to the general conditions of the digital certificate issuance contract with MULTICERT - ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATION SERVICES, SA (of which the holder acknowledged and accepted at the time of submission of the digital certificate issuance application).

The present conditions will be accepted when the user clicks the "Submit" button.